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PICSM employee talking to patient

Health Optimization

Pain and physical impairments are the number one reason for visits to a doctor. High insulin, insulin resistance, poor gut health, and sub-optimal cortisol functioning have all been linked to chronic inflammation and the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines that can increase pain and dysfunction, making it hard to heal, move, sleep, and feel well. Reviewing your lifestyle habits, such as sleep, stress response management, nutrition, and activity level, can help to decrease this chronic inflammatory process. With guidance, these are all things each patient can do, at minimal cost and minimal risk, with huge potential for benefits. At PICSM, we are here to help guide you on lifestyle changes, evaluate your hormones if needed, and treat areas of pain without prescribing cover-ups or harmful treatments such as high-dose steroids and narcotics.

Ready to start moving?

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