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PICSM employee examining elbow of patient

Patient opinions matter!

At Performance Injury Care, we are here to serve you!

"I had a great experience at Performance Injury Care. The staff was caring and accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Abbott."
- Mattie

"Got my son in right away for his cast. Wonderful people! Called with a billing question and got a call back first thing the next day. Just helpful people and I am so happy we chose to go there."
- Deanna

"Fixed me up as a walk-in so I can get back to my busy life. Front desk are friendly the whole staff is incredible. Doctors are so up-to-date on everything. I highly recommend them."
- Anna

"Dr. Steele is absolutely amazing and one of the most knowledgeable doctors I’ve ever met in regards to sports medicine. He is very investigative and will go above and beyond to figure out how to help you. I travel from Idaho to see him! I’m giving him my absolutely highest recommendations!"
- Ve

"The is the only place I will take my daughter for sports injuries. Best doctors and staff."
- Kim

"I choose this clinic for my orthopedic needs and I will exclusively refer my patients to this great team!"
- Nicholas

"Everybody in our family has seen Dr. Steele. He's kept us active and provides that personal touch."
- Peter

"Cannot put into words how much Dr. Steele has helped me; I had chronic, daily headaches for over 14 years and they are down to 0-1 a week. Prior to coming to Dr. Steele, I’d been to countless other specialists, even Mayo Clinic, to no avail. Being a patient of Dr. Steele’s truly changed my life, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon their clinic! I’ve also seen Dr. Abbott for an unrelated minor injury, and he was also very helpful, kind, and caring. They really CARE about your pain here. I also did not feel my care and treatment options was driven by money at all; all my options were always explained to me, and I felt they always tried to do insurance-covered procedures first, with attempt to avoid out-of-pocket expense unless really needed."
- M R

"Dr. Abbott and the staff are absolutely wonderful. His exam was so thorough and my 8 year old was very at ease. He has been complaining about pain in his foot for months with no answer, and Dr. Abbott got him all squared away. Will highly recommend to anyone."

Thank you!


"Very professional without intimidating the patient. Options for treatment are explained without pressure.
A very good experience."


"As a result of a TBI and other injuries to the left side of my body in 2014, I have endured massive pain, nerve impairment and impaired neurologic processing in certain parts of the brain. All other doctors were dismissive, wouldn't even look at my shoulder injury. Dr. Abbott did, and applied a procedure that released all that left side pain free, released the impinged nerves allowing greater range of motion and for the first time, after over 8 years, I have part of my missing brain function back. I can't thank Dr. Abbot & Performance Injury Care enough for giving me part of my life back."

"I was very lucky to learn about Dr. Steele and to have him treat what seemed to be an intractable muscle problem. I'm skiing and hiking without pain."


Your opinion matters!

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