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PICSM employee examining knee of boy

Providers who Care


Our   Approach

Performance Injury Care and Sports Medicine is an independent, privately-owned practice established in 2012 and located in Helena, MT.  The clinic has focused on hiring highly-skilled, quality physicians who are board-certified in family medicine and fellowship-trained in sports medicine. We are passionate about helping injured patients of all ages by making an accurate diagnosis and providing up to date, evidence-based treatment options.  We are dedicated to helping you decrease pain and gain function. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care.


Team Approach  

Don’t you wish your medical providers could all work together? Here at Performance Injury Care and Sports Medicine, we work as a team, with each of our providers bringing a unique set of skills that adds to our comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan for your injury.


Whole Body

Do we have 600 individual muscles or one integrated system that communicates as a whole? PICSM believes that each muscle is in direct communication with the entire system using the fascia that surrounds and connects all body structures. This fascial structure is critical for normal, pain-free movement and understanding this system is essential for you to recover from injury.


The fascia is heavily innervated with nerves, helping the system “communicate”. As overuse or injury can cause nerves and fascia to form adhesions, many chronic pain syndromes are relieved by addressing these areas of fascial dysfunction. At PICSM we specialize in identifying these areas of fascial injury from head to toe, allowing us to decrease pain and improve function and quality of life. We have multiple techniques to help restore normal fascia function leading you back to a healthy lifestyle


MSK Diagnostic US

In order to improve a patient’s quality of life-related to pain or dysfunction, an accurate diagnosis is critical. Part of this is spending adequate time with our patients to perform a thorough history and physical exam. Part of our exam includes utilizing the high-resolution US to evaluate the various musculoskeletal structures: joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. 

At Performance Injury Care & Sports Medicine (PICSM) we are regional leaders in the use of diagnostic ultrasound for accurately diagnosing and treating your injury.  Not only do we have the best imaging equipment in this region, but we also have the best-trained staff. 

team approach
MSK Diagnostic US
whole body

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